A Long, Hot Summer

As the road trips increased, so did the friction between the members. Our concerts were going well, but we were not spending enough time together creating new music. When a national record deal came our way, we had hoped to record a new and improved version of Dead Man. Our live concerts were really kicking by this time.

We had spent a full summer playing Texas cities, and we were ready to move out. But Mainstream wanted an all-new album, and we tried to be creative in an atmosphere where we didn't really care to be around each other any more. The result was an album that lacked energy and polish. They took us to Miami to record, but even a great studio couldn't help us.

The album came out that fall and was a disappointment to everyone. Plans were ready for us to play shows in New York, but we didn't want to go on the way we were. We all saw that things were falling apart, and we just played out our remaining commitments. In December of what started as such a fantastic year, we played for an auto show in Houston that would be our final performance.

The original Josefus at their final
performance in December of 1970

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