United Gas

The next summer, Ray invited Dave to sit in as lead guitarist with his new band, United Gas. Doug Tull was organizing things and playing drums. He had just spent several months in California and seemed to have the right connections. Ray Hillburn was the other guitarist. He sang and wrote most of the songs. We spent that evening working out four tunes, and thought we were finished. But the next thing we knew, Doug had us hauling equipment up the stairs at Love Street and playing on stage.

We were quickly booked to come back the next month. At that next appearance, Pete Bailey got up and sang on a couple of songs. He had been in Colorado that summer and tried to convince Ray to join him there. But Ray didn't want to leave the band and Pete had returned to Houston. He immediately was made the band's new vocalist. Phillip was added as a second lead guitarist and the name of the group became Josefus.

We were scheduled to play at the club again, but that's when politics began to get in the way. The big record label in town was International Artists, and IA was closely affiliated with Love Street. Doug would always be getting off the drums and taking a microphone. He'd tell the audience to get off their asses and start enjoying the music. Usually people would. But this time he said some negative things about the way IA treated their bands, and we disappeared from the Love Street schedule forever.

A typical weekend night at Houston's Love Street

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