Repeating Arizona

After several frustrating weeks, we had lost whatever hope we'd had of Jim landing us a recording contract. We were ready for some action. We borrowed money from family to drive back to Phoenix and re-record our album in the same studio. Dave Oxman was our engineer again and worth the 2400 mile round trip. He really was a wizard.

The entire album was recorded in a single day on March 30th. That date became the release number on our Hookah label, and we pressed 3000 copies for distribution in Texas. We were officially Josefus again.

KRBE put it on the air immediately, and even played the whole album uninterrupted one night. Having it brought us up to another level. We'd open for major concerts in Houston, Dallas and San Antonio. We even headlined our own shows in smaller cities across Texas: Beaumont, Corpus Christi, Midland, Fort Worth, and many in between.

Josefus playing for a peace concert in
March of 1970 at the University of Houston

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