Free Concerts

After Love Street cancelled us, we set up across the street and played free on the night we would have been in the club. This was a benefit for KPFT, the new Pacifica radio station, which was bombed off the air twice in that first year.

Josefus continued to play for free concerts, and there were many. Milby Park was like a little Woodstock every Sunday. Groups like Josefus and Saturnalia could polish their material in front of huge crowds on a gently sloping hill.

The old La Maison club at McGowen and Bagby had become Jubilee Hall and hosted weekend concerts. Promoter Bob Gately was in town to watch Shiva's Headband play at one of these shows when he saw Josefus. He booked us as an opening act for the Texas cities on Grand Funk Railroad's tour.

The Houston date on Halloween was a classic, ending with a late show at midnight. The other acts included Bubble Puppy and ZZ Top. This was Billy Gibbons, but Frank and Dusty hadn't joined the band yet.

Shortly after these concerts, Phillip got upset with Doug over something and said he was quitting the band. At first we didn't believe him, but he quit coming to practice and we abandoned the double lead guitar sound.

Doug Tull on drums at an
early Josefus show at
Houston's Milby Park

The building that
housed Jubilee Hall
(Photo by Nancy Kuehl)

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