A few months after reuniting to play for Ray's benefit, we did another show at Dan Electro's that would become part of the Not Dead Yet album.

Rich of ShroomAngel recorded the audio of the show and contributed the above photo, taken outside at the end of the night.


In 2013, we played a short set at a blues jam to coincide with the release of the Not Dead Yet LP. Rich personally delivered the hot-off-the-press albums. We were happy to see the number of people who came out to spend part of their Mother's Day with us.

Then in August we played at Last Concert Cafe. The photo shows Ray on stage singing a blues song while played a specially tuned bass one-handed.


Yet another reissue of Dead Man was released in 2014, this time by The Numero Group. It was our second vinyl release in as many years.

None of us ever expected people to still want to listen to our music after all this time. That record came out 45 years ago, and its continuing run has inspired us to have another go in 2015.

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