In 2004, we rehearsed for more than a month and played two nights on Halloween weekend. We did our 70s songs plus some of Pete's newer ones, and a CD from those live recordings came out in 2005.

But then we drifted back into our own routines and didn't play again for a while. During that hiatus, Pete produced an album independently called State of the Union, backed by a number of Texas musicians. It was released in 2006.

2004 Poster
Wil Space

2011 Poster
Dennis Walker


Ray T suffered a serious stroke in the summer of 2011. He spent several days in intensive care followed by weeks of physical therapy.

Mark stepped right back in on bass and we played a benefit show to help Ray with his expenses. Several other Houston bands also joined the effort and played at the all-day event.

Our slow momentum toward the 2015 projects had begun.

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