Even though the original band broke up at the end of 1970, we've continued to be drawn back together through the years.

This is a brief chronology of the studio sessions and recordings by the members of Josefus. There are several unauthorized releases and bootleg copies not included in this list.


(Dandelion DAN 1216)

Josefus went into a studio for the first time in Phoenix for producer Jim Musil. We recorded material for an entire album, but the only immediate product was a 45 single put out on Musil's Dandelion label. But part of the deal was that we had to change our name to Come.


(Hookah H-330)

When Musil failed to sign us with a record label, we went back to the same studio and recorded a slightly different version for our independent Hookah release. We also reclaimed the name Josefus. Those original 1969 sessions were eventually released in 1993.


(Mainstream 6127)

Later that year we signed a national recording contract and went to Miami where we recorded a second album, but under circumstances that would doom the band by the end of the year.

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